Weblog Aug 2005


Debugging production applications        

Normally, you want a production program to execute fast during normal execution. Because enabling debug tracking lowers performance a little and disabling code optimisation can lower performance significantly, you usually want to turn off debug tracking and turn on code optimisation. But when you need to investigate a production problem, you want the ability to turn debug tracking on and code optimisation off. If you could manage both of these settings on a per-execution basis without having to recompile your program, you could have the best of all possible worlds. Read more

28-Aug-2005 15:45


How NOT to write code        

Thanks to a long holiday, new job, lots of work, blah blah blah, I've built up a large backlog of somewhat interesting links that I want to dump. This is partly for my benefit, so that I can find these links at a later date, but I'm hoping that most readers will find at least one of these links worthy of investigation. Read more

27-Aug-2005 23:55