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The hour marker at two o'clock is another interesting detail. It is replaced by a heart. Rarely is the design of the hands seen. The hour hand is round with a gemstone, while the minute hand has a small heart in its middle. The new IWC Replica Watches Baby G BGA-133 and BGA-133 series dials have a small digital subdial,IWC Replica Watches which is located between seven and eight o’clock.

Many additional functions and resistance These innovative and creative new models have many useful extra function. These models include five alarms, one of which is a snooze alarm, countdown timer and full auto calendar. They also have a stopwatch with split time, a 1-second timer, and 29 time zones in World time (27 cities).

The new IWC Replica Watches Baby G series models have a slightly larger case, which is very fashionable right now. It measures 43.1 millimeters in width and 15 millimeters thickness. The new IWC Replica Watches Baby-G watch for women is compatible with G-shock men's brand. It is also durable and can withstand various shocks and bumps. Water resistance of 100 metres completes the impressive list.

Five new models are available in the Baby-G Collection. BGA-130-1B, BGA-131-1B and BGA-131-7B are pink-on-black. The BGA-131-1B model is matte black. The BGA-131-7B model is white.Zenith Replica Watches The BGA130-2B is also available in blue and the BGA130-4B pink versions. Baselworld 2011 was the first time these watches were revealed. Their price and release date are unknown.