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IWC Portuguese Replica

IWC Portuguese Replica's pair of Miss Golden Bridge Watches and Golden Bridge Watches are adorned with diamonds.

Corum has created new extravagant versions of its beloved Golden Bridge and Miss Golden Bridge models. These new models, which he and she will be able to enjoy together, combine the already remarkable horological characteristics of the timekeepers (namely their innovative baguette movement) with the many sparkling sapphires or diamonds that are paved over all surfaces. They are also set using the highly-skilled invisible setting technique. They are placed all over the cases, dials and bezels. The models include a full heap of precious stones, with the most glamorous having precious stones weighing in at just under 35 carats.

Corum Golden Bridge High Jewelry Watch Side

An Abundance in Sapphires and DiamondsCorum chose to embellish the timekeeper for the men, Golden Bridge, with a combination of white and blue sapphires. The fully-paved metal bracelet is the most elaborate version.IWC Portuguese Replica watches This is a very expensive piece that should only be worn by a select few. It contains 546 blue baguette cut sapphires, weighing in at 20.63 carats, and 476 baguette cut diamonds weighing in at around 14.01 carats. Even the more basic version with a blue Crocodile leather strap is a treasure chest. It contains 360 sapphires with an approximate weight of 15.18 carats and 10 diamonds (0.29 Carats), with 10 beautiful round diamonds (9o.31 Carats) added to its buckle.

For ladies, there are pink, cognac-colored, and all-white versions of the Miss Golden Bridge. The three basic models are available in pink, cognac-colored, or all-white versions.roger dubuis replica The third version is in pure white stones. You can pair them with a paved bracelet, or with a leather belt as was the case for the men's model.

Corum Miss Golden Bridge High Jewelry Watch

Let's start with the pink feminine model, which contains precious stones in seven shades. There are also a number of baguette-cut gems. These stones are located on the dial at 1.56 carats, 53 on the bezel at 3.1 carats and 84 on the case center (again, 3.1 carats). The watch is complemented by pink-colored precious gemstones. These 10 baguette-cut diamonds (0.32 cts) are featured on the dial and in the special Haute Joaillerie edition Miss Golden Bridge. The metal bracelet version contains 233 pink baguette cut sapphires (6.83 Carats) as well as 176 baguette cut diamonds (5.16 Carats). On the other hand, the white alligator strap model has its white-gold buckle sprinkled with 20 additional diamonds (0.23 Carats). Miss Golden Bridge, the second version of this high-end jewelry watch, features a white gold buckle and 20 more diamonds (0.23 carats). The bracelet version has 456 baguette cut sapphires (14.59 Carats) as well as 186 diamonds (5.48 Carats), while the leather strap model contains 223 sapphires (7.76 Carats) along with 10 additional diamonds (0.32 carsats). The model is also available in an all-white version that is fully paved with white baguette cut diamonds. It features 642 shimmering gems, weighing 18.2 Carats. The alligator strap version has 223 stones (7.62 Carats) and 20 round-cut diamonds on the buckle (0.23 Carats).