Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging

The more I came to grips with .NET, the more I realised that the transition from VB6 and the VB runtime to VB .NET and the CLR was going to be a big step for the VB community. Most VB developers are "line of business" (LOB) developers - they're usually too busy solving real-life business problems and creating profitable business solutions to deal with learning a whole new development platform along with a new language. So the transition to .NET is likely to happen slowly for many of you, in between doing the stuff that puts food on your family's table. I wrote "Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging" to help VB.Classic developers cope with the large shift represented by .NET. 

You can see the Apress page on my book here, and you can also view the summary and detailed table of contents . If you want to look at a sample chapter, the chapter on debugging multi-threaded applications is here. You can also buy the book from Amazon.

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