Blog Nov 2015


What do energy trading companies do?        

A software developer asked me a simple question: "What do energy trading companies do?" A simple question deserves a (relatively) simple answer, so that's what I've tried to do below. Read more

30-Nov-2015 13:20


13 lessons from agile projects        

Over the years I've had the chance to work on many line-of-business software projects in various roles: developer, project manager, delivery manager, and solution/data/technical architect. This have given me some interesting insights into different flavours of the agile process. Here are some of the lesssons that I've learned. Read more

29-Nov-2015 13:15


Squirbling with "Hello World!"        

There's an interesting, if now rather old, programming challenge on the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf StackExchange website. The task is to create the weirdest obfuscated "Hello World!" program using the language of your choice, but with the restriction that you cannot use any strings. Read more

18-Nov-2015 22:15

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