Blog Feb 2016


Frequency analysis with Parallel LINQ and regex        

One of the most basic exercises when you learn a new programming language is to count the frequency of all the words in a text file. Google has many C# word-counting examples, most of which are rather verbose and/or dubious.

Just how compact and fast can we do this? Behold the magic of Parallel LINQ and regular expressions.

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20-Feb-2016 18:30


Designing an HTTP API for CRUD operations        

Nearly every developer designing his/her first HTTP 1.1 API makes the mistake of mapping the Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations very simplistically to the HTTP verbs Post-Get-Put-Delete respectively. This rather crude approach is likely to confuse the developers building client applications for that API, especially when it comes to the Update and Replace operations.  Read more

01-Feb-2016 02:30