Weblog Nov 2004


Links to make you go "Aaah!"        

This is a set of fairly random links that I've noticed over the past few months. They don't really have anything in common with each other, except perhaps as catalysts to get me thinking about the whole software development process. Read more

30-Nov-2004 23:45


Gorilla testing        

Although the concept of random testing might conjure up images of a late-night debugging session where you do a passable imitation of an angry gorilla by haphazardly pressing as many keys as possible on your keyboard in order to upset your program, there are better ways of doing it. Read more

26-Nov-2004 01:30


Coding curiosity 4: Double trouble        

If you're not used to working with floating-point numbers, then you might find some  surprises. Read more

25-Nov-2004 21:30


Website template updated        

Website look-and-feel changed somewhat. Read more

25-Nov-2004 01:39


Coding curiosity 3: When is a number not a number?        

The following code snippet shows two ways of accepting an amount and returning the same amount plus sales tax (think VAT if you're in Europe). On first examination, both methods do exactly the same thing, and you might be hard-pressed to find a good reason for selecting one way over the other. Read more

21-Nov-2004 21:14


Coding curiosity 2: The meaning of truth        

VB.Classic was always prone to taking a contrary view of the world, usually in order to make life simpler for its users. For instance, while most languages considered true to equate to 1, VB.Classic stated that true was actually -1. Read more

15-Nov-2004 23:14


Coding curiosity 1: Optimisation can be bad for you        

Over the years, I've made a habit of collecting curious, weird, cool, or just downright perverted snippets of code. So I thought I should put some of them online as part of an occasional series for your viewing pleasure. Read more

13-Nov-2004 18:03


Impressions of WinDev        

Apart from internal corporate presentations, all of my speaking has been done at local user groups. My first developer conference gig was the recent  WinDev conference in Boston, where I did two presentations at the kind invitation of the Windows Forms track chairman  Ian Griffiths. Read more

05-Nov-2004 23:45


WinDev slides and demos        

Here are the slide decks and demo code for my recent WinDev presentations. Read more

05-Nov-2004 01:15


Ready for lift-off        

Well, I was finally provoked into starting a blog. I met Peter Provost and Robert Hurlbut at the recent WinDev conference in Boston, and over a very convivial dinner, they both told me to get off my lazy ass and start posting! Read more

05-Nov-2004 01:00