Blog Feb 2017


C# compiler bomb        

Write some source code which occupies 512 bytes or less and which compiles into a file that occupies the most possible space. Largest output file wins! Read more

20-Feb-2017 23:50


BDD and soap operas        

Long before BDD was a thing, there was soap opera testing. This exaggerates and complicates the usual test scenarios in the way that television soap operas exaggerate and complicate real life. It has a high rate of success in revealing important, but often unanticipated, scenarios. Read more

16-Feb-2017 20:00


Circuit breaker implementation        

The circuit breaker design pattern is used to provide stability and prevent cascading failures in distributed systems. A circuit breaker is placed between a service and each of its remote dependencies - it can then isolate that service from a failed dependency to prevent that failure affecting the rest of the system. Read more

04-Feb-2017 21:20