Weblog Nov 2005


Debugging a .NET Windows service within the IDE        

The Visual Studio documentation insists that you must install your Windows service before you can run it and debug it. Fortunately, there is a way to debug your service directly from within the IDE without any messy installing and un-installing. Read more

28-Nov-2005 01:05


Enron and the all-night bug        

Reading Len's request to discuss your worst bug, I remembered this gem from my days at Enron Europe. Read more

25-Nov-2005 00:30


SQL Server debugging in .NET 1.x        

Following on from my tips on remote debugging in .NET, here are some tips on SQL Server debugging. Once again, please note that these tips haven't been validated against .NET 2.0 or VS2005. Read more

19-Nov-2005 02:00


Remote debugging arcania for .NET 1.x        

I've decided to blog this for myself as well as for other people, as it's quite useful to have all of this information in one place. These are some remote debugging tips when using .NET 1.0 or 1.1. Please note that these tips haven't been validated against .NET 2.0. Read more

18-Nov-2005 01:00


The longest week        

Have you ever felt that first, faintest, tiniest inkling that something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong...?  Read more

17-Nov-2005 01:25


If in doubt, ask        

Len Holgate asks "What's your worst bug?" The following story didn't involve one of my own bugs, but was related to me by John Steel, a colleague of my step-father. I liked the story so much that I included it in my recent .NET debugging book in the "light relief" section at the end of one of the chapters. Read more

09-Nov-2005 01:00


Coding curiosity 11: .NET JIT compiler bug        

Some time ago, I wrote a short essay on the potential dangers of using code optimisation indiscriminately. Whereas that essay showed an issue that was almost certainly "by design", today's code highlights what is probably a code optimisation bug in the .NET JIT compiler. Read more

08-Nov-2005 23:55