Weblog Dec 2005


Edit & Continue in VS 2005        

Having been a long-time user of E&C in the VB.Classic IDE, I have mixed feelings about its return in VS2005. There are both benefits and dangers to this feature, and on balance, I feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The arguments against E&C tend to emphasise the dangers of this feature in the hands of inexperienced developers. Well, almost everything is dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced developer. so that's just not a convincing argument for me. And if you do understand what you're doing, E&C can be a great benefit. Read more

24-Dec-2005 18:00


Language wars        

Cory Smith gives me a forceful reminder of why I read his blog. In two entertaining entries, he first demolishes Nick Schweitzer, and then dances on the head of Michael Campbell. Read more

14-Dec-2005 02:20