Ready for lift-off

Well, I was finally provoked into starting a blog. I met Peter Provost and Robert Hurlbut at the recent WinDev conference in Boston, and over a very convivial dinner, they both told me to get off my lazy ass and start posting!

You can expect quite a lot of discussion here around robust and reliable apps, including debugging, exception management, unit testing, and design patterns. All of my life I've been very interested in code generation - even 25 years ago when I first started programming, I realised that hand-crafting software just isn't remotely scalable in the business world. So expect to see some of that stuff here too. 

The major languages will be C#, VB .NET, and T-SQL, with VB.Classic and VBA thrown in to add some spice. In my role as a freelance trading / risk management consultant, I tend to live within the MS toolset, so that will probably form the bulk of my posting.

Over the years I've collected a lot of weird, surprising, and downright cool code, so I suspect that a lot of these code samples will also find their way onto this blog.

Sorry, but I don't have comments working here yet - this feature should come online soon, as soon as I can persuade my hosting server to play nicely with PHP and MySql.