How NOT to write code

Thanks to a long holiday, new job, lots of work, blah blah blah, I've built up a large backlog of somewhat interesting links that I want to dump. This is partly for my benefit, so that I can find these links at a later date, but I'm hoping that most readers will find at least one of these links worthy of investigation.

Techie stuff

  • Singleton in C#: The singleton pattern is one of the best known patterns in software engineering. This article analyses the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of implementing the pattern.
  • Here be dragons: Deeper (Java-based) analysis of why the double-checked locking idiom for accessing a Singleton doesn't work.
  • Here be more dragons: The baptism of fire that comes when you first try to override Object.Equals or ==.
  • Hard facts: Some hard facts about software development, with sources. Could be useful if you're trying to make a point to management or to your colleagues.
  • How not to write code: Truly hilarious.
  • Mandelbug investigation: How to investigate intermittent bugs, where the underlying cause is so complex or obscure that the bug's behaviour appears to be chaotic or non-deterministic.

Fun stuff

  • Top 100 IRC quotes: Possibly not suitable for work - the "sugar in sperm" one is a classic.
  • Baby bottle song: Only cute if you're into babies, and then perhaps just marginally funny.
  • Bash the penguin: For somebody who rarely plays games, this nasty specimen has absorbed a lot of my time.
  • More addictive games: The name says it all.
  • True porn clerk stories: Thoughtful writing, interesting subject - possibly not suitable for work.
  • Lets you bypass the annoying registration process that some websites force you through before letting you read an article.