Core dump and soft reboot

Well, things have been a bit quiet around here for a week or so. The reason is that, after 10 years of life as a freelancer, I've been sucked back into the permie space. An investment bank based in London made me an offer that I couldn't easily refuse, so as of Monday I've been trying to figure out what exactly a "Risk IT architect" is supposed to do.

The end result of this move will mean that I'm not going to be living the hardcore coding lifestyle for quite a while, but concentrating more on the business domain together with IT architecture and design. You might see more posts devoted to architecture issues, but anybody who's seen my book will know that's always been one of my soapboxes anyway. And unlike your average architecture astronaut, I'm certainly not smart enough to lose touch with the hard reality of life at the development coal face.

Now I just need to settle back into that cushy "lifer" existence that I've always heard about...